Wanting to start your online business but the techy part has you overwhelmed?

The Nontechy Biz Starter Course Bundle is for YOU!

If you’re confused about where to start with getting your online business up and running, I can help!

I created the Nontechy Biz Starter Course Bundle for my nontechy friends that break out in hives when they even hear the word “technology”. I teach you all the tools I used to start my online business ~ and you wanna know the sweetest part?

With the setup I teach you in this Nontechy Biz Starter Course Bundle, it only cost me $100 to run my online business for the entire year!

There are 5 foundational areas to cover when setting up an online business, and this Nontechy Biz Starter Course Bundle will show you not only what tech tools to use but also how to use them. 

Kristin was one of my students that wanted to start her own online business and worked through all the courses in the Nontechy Biz Starter Course Bundle. Check out what she has to say about her experience!

What you’ll get with the Nontechy Biz Start Course Bundle:

  • Nontechy Road Map

    • Breaks down the 5 foundational areas to cover when setting up an online business.
    • Explains the “Tech-inese” talk as nontechy talk so you understand what the tech tools are and why you need each of them in your online business.


  • 7 mini courses

    • One mini course for each of the 7 tech tools I used to start my online business.
    • Each mini course gives you enough to start your business without getting into overwhelm mode ~ Keep It Simple, Sweetie!


What you’ll learn in each of the 7 mini courses included in this bundle:

Having a website allows people to find you online! This course will help you create your own one-page website so people can do that. This multi-step course will walk you through elements of building a website like getting free images, hosting, WordPress installation, updating, uploading media, templates, setting up a contact form and more! This course is the perfect beginner crash course that will help you to confidently jump in and take your business to the next level. The best part about a one-page website is that it can grow as your business does! *Note: This course is not intended for those who want to create an online store to sell products.

Google services can be such an asset to your business. In this course you will learn how to set up your own business Gmail account, learn about the functionality of Gmail and next how to use your Google Drive. Google Drive is storage on-the-go. Learn how to access your email and your files anywhere you have internet access and how to install Google Drive on your PC. Then for those with a domain set up, we will take it a step further and walk through setting up your own domain email using your Gmail account! In just over an hour, you will learn skills to equip you to better use what Google can offer you and your business!

If you are going to have a product someone needs to purchase, you need a way for people to pay you! In this under 30-minute course, I will walk you through setting up your Paypal business account, linking your business bank account (so you can safely transfer money between accounts if needed), and how to create a button so that your clients can pay for your services/product!

Looking to up your scheduling game? Want to look more professional and be more efficient with your time? Let’s learn Calendy in under 45 minutes! In this mini-course, you’ll learn how to use the FREE Calendly plan to its fullest potential. I’ve got your covered – from setting up your account to sending out your first scheduling link and all the little details in-between.

You need an email list. If you haven’t been told yet, odds are someone soon is going to tell you that you need an email list to grow your business and keep in contact with your clients and audience! Mailchimp is a user-friendly platform that is perfect for any newbie.  In this quick 10-session course, we will walk through setting up your free account, look at audience settings, and create a sign-up form for your audience to join your list! If you took my Canva course, this is the perfect opportunity to utilize that “freebie” you created, and we’ll be walking through setting up an opt-in during this course!

Zoom allows you to meet and connect with other individuals without traveling across the US or having to meet in-person. In this 30-minute course, I will walk you through how to set up your own Zoom account and explain the Zoom dashboard. You will end this mini-course knowing how to start your own meeting and how to join a meeting hosted by another individual. Let’s get started!

Canva is a user-friendly online design tool that anyone can learn to use.  In this 30-minute course, I’ll walk you through setting up your FREE account and then we will go through the steps of setting up your very own freebie. We will look at the different tools and elements Canva has to offer on their free platform. You will finish this course with the knowledge and confidence to create your own content and materials.

If you’re ready to start your online business, then this will show you how to do it easily with nontechy talk!

I was where you are right now when I started my online business in 2015 – wanting to build something for myself and my family, but too overwhelmed and confused to even start.

That is why I have created this for YOU, my nontechy friend! Start simple and then this setup will grow as your business grows!