Myth #1

I can’t do techy stuff – it’s too hard!

You CAN do techy stuff! You just have to find the right person to teach you.

Someone who speaks your language and can break it down into small manageable pieces that actually make sense – not that geeky Tech-inese talk that leaves you more confused than when you first started!

Myth #2

I need lots of money to start my online business.

Hmmm….”lots of money” is a relative phrase, right? I started my online business and ran it for an entire year with LESS than $100!

That’s less than an annual subscription to Netflix… or cable… or Amazon Prime!

Want to start your online business but have no idea about the techy stuff you need to get started?

Ever thought…

How do I make my website?

How do I set up a way for my clients to pay me for my services?

How the heck do I do that online video meeting thing?

What am I supposed to use to start building my email list to stay in touch with my people?

How do I make one of those pretty free PDFs that people give away when you sign up on their website?

How can I automatically schedule appointments to chat with people?

How do I set up an email for my business and where do I store all of my documents and stuff so that I can share them easily with my audience and clients?

If this is what it sounds like in your head, no worries my nontechy friend…you’ve come to the right place!

Grab your free copy of the Nontechy Road Map to get you moving in the right direction!

People are talking…

If you’re looking for clear step-by-step instructions on how to set up your first website- look no further! I was able to do this quickly and with zero problems! Thank you Sencery for using your teaching gifts to explain everything so thoroughly and making it easy to understand and implement! I’m not a techy person, so I was impressed by how much I learned and that it was actually fun! Really grateful for all your help!

Rossanna Beyer

Thank you so much for being super patient and resourceful! I can’t believe that I learned how to build a website home page tailored for me as a clinician, a coach, and a speaker in under 2 hours! You truly made everything simple and without stress.

Sabrina Runbeck

Peak Performance Coach and Virtual Speaker

I was stressed about making changes to my website and didn’t want to pay someone every time I needed a change made. She is super easy to follow and explains the process very well. I am super excited to make the changes that I need to on my website! Sencery was just so willing to help with whatever I needed, took the time to make sure I was satisfied and that she understood what I wanted to accomplish. I am so over the top satisfied with my experience!

Rhonda Dalton

Business Coaching with Soul

From the moment I started to interact with Sencery I found her gracious with the areas where I was a complete novice. She is extremely knowledgeable, a natural teacher, but she shares her “ninja tools” with patience and kindness. I felt immediately able to let down my guard and trust her to help me reach my goals. Plus, she is hilarious! I highly recommend her services.

Jonathan Swenson

Paraphrase Ministries/Paraphrase Theatre

I highly recommend Sencery. When we met, she said (in her southern accent), “Girl, don’t let a website stand between you and your dreams.” She works with her clients like she is helping them bring dreams to life. She’s the best! As a busy professional, I sought out Sencery’s help to build a simple landing page to give away a free gift. Within a few short days, with Sencery’s amazing help and guidance, my landing page was up. She didn’t use all of the technical jargon that previous website designers used to keep me dependent on them. Sencery spoke in plain language that left me feeling empowered and confident when it comes to updating or perhaps expanding my website one day.

Wanda Brown

Author, Speaker and Fierce Resilience Coach